Bernadette Roumbos



Welcome, I am the owner of The Serene Way Therapies LLC, where hope and healing for the body, mind, and spirit is provided through psychotherapy, EMDR Certified Therapy, Certified Clinical Trauma Therapy, Christian counseling (if desired), trauma yoga therapy, stress management, guided imagery, nutrition therapy and more. I am a Master's level Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, EMDR Certified Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher 500, Professional Yoga Therapist-Candidate, NASM-CPT and have worked in the health care industry for over 20 years.
I first became interested in nutrition and body image when a member in my family had been given a diagnosis of diabetes and I saw first hand how helpful a dietitian and family counselor can be to make positive lifestyle changes for everyone during a challenging time. I also found Clinical Hypnotherapy, yoga therapy and Christian counseling to be very helpful in my own personal journey for stress management and trauma recovery. 

I look forward to helping you!

Bernadette Roumbos 

RDN # 874789 LPC: AZ #18186

Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition (current student): Maryland University of Integrative Health

MAPC Professional Counseling, Liberty University

B.S. Agriculture, University of Arizona

B.S. Public AdministrationUniversity of Arizona

Certified Prepare and Enrich Facilitator

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Southwest Institute Of Healing Arts

EMDR Certified Therapist EMDRIA

Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist

Registered Yoga Teacher 500

Holy Yoga Therapy/TraumaTherapist

NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

NASM-Weight Loss Specialist

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